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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills can I test for?

TechCheck has tests for the top skills used by the I.T industry. We strive to keep up with changes in the marketplace and to keep our list of skills current. Click here to see our current list of skills.

How can I test a skill that is not in your list?

We make every effort to make sure all popular technologies are covered. If there is a skill that you'd like to see added to our list, you may make a suggestion by sending an email to support@techcheck.com and we will do our best to provide a solution for you.

What results do I get?

Based on the answers given by a candidate, a skill level is determined. The full test may be viewed with the correct & incorrect answers. In addition, the candidate's average score is benchmarked on each skill and each question against others in the industry.

How quickly do I get the results?

Test results are available to you immediately once the candidate has completed the test. An email will be sent to you detailing how the candidate fared on the respective skill.

Do the tests expire?

Tests are valid for as long as your account is active.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your TechCheck subscription can be cancelled at any time. Once you are logged in to your account, click on "Account" and select the "Cancel Subscription" option. Your service will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period, st that time, your plan will be cancelled.